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How to Get a New E911 Address
Stewart County Emergency Communications District

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Welcome to Stewart County, Tennessee

The Stewart County Emergency Communications District is responsible for providing emergency Enhanced 911 (E911) service to the citizens and visitors in our county.


One of the primary functions of the ECD is to provide every home and business with an E911 address.  This is the address that appears on the computer screen at the E911 dispatch center when a person calls 911 for an ambulance, police, fire or any life threatening emergency.  So, you can understand the importance of having your E911 address appear properly and accurately at the E911 dispatch center when you call 911.


How to Get an E911 Address

Stewart County has a specific method for making sure that each home and business is issued an accurate E911 address.  A person needing a new E911 address must call the Stewart County Emergency Communications Addressing/GIS office for address before the electric company (CEMC) will install an electric meter at the new location.

We address buildings only.  We do not address land or lots.

After receiving your call, and getting needed information, we will arrange a visit to your new building.  During the visit to your new building site, we will obtain a GPS position for the building.  Therefore, someone many need to be present and show the us exactly where the new building will be and exactly where the new building’s driveway will intersect the road.

NOTE:  When we visit the building site, the footing or basement for the building must be dug and the driveway must be roughed in.  If the new address is a mobile home, the footing, concrete, gravel, or dirt pad must be in place in order to exactly locate the position of the mobile home.  This is necessary because we position your new building in an electronic computerized mapping system.  When you call 911, your location will appear on the computerized map allowing emergency personnel to respond to your building even if you can’t talk on the phone.  Obviously, you can understand the importance of exactly locating your new building.


After we determine your new E911 address, we will enter the new address on the form and send it back to the original sender.  After you receive back your new address by email or postal mail, you may print the form and use it to obtain your utilities.  Just take the completed form with your new address to CEMC and go through their normal process to obtain your electric meter.


You should also know that AT&T will not issue you a telephone number for your new building without an E911 address.


Please do not delay in starting the process to get your new E911 address.  Remember, you cannot get an electric meter installed or a telephone at you new building without an E911 address. It usually takes one to two weeks for the Manager to arrive and address your new building.


Please call us at 931-232-2205.

We issue E911 addresses to buildings only.
We do not issue addresses to lots or vacant land.
You must do the following in order to be issued an E911 address:
     1.  Dig the footing or basement for your building.
          (the footing or basement does not have to be poured....just dug).
     2. You must have a driveway connecting to the road.
          (the driveway does not have to be finished.  This means it does not have to be finished with asphalt, concrete, or gravel.  It simply has to be roughed in.  This is because we measure to the driveway connection to obtain an accurate address.)